Amsterdam Day 4

Anne Frank House

It was great going to the Anne frank house. It was so interesting learning about how the Jews were treated coming from Anne’s point of view in her diary. It was incredible walking around the secret annex that they were hiding in and it was amazing seeing the movable bookcase that saved them from being caught for a couple of years in person. It was the best part of the trip.

Canal boat trip

I enjoyed the views of the canal and some of the interesting facts that came with it. We went past the Anne Frank House, old houses and churches and we learned about some of the history and people of Amsterdam.

There were loads of good photo opportunities and it was a good experience because it was a nice day too. After this we had lunch and went to Dam Square and it had lots of shops. Then we drove to Rotterdam for the ferry.

I think all of us liked the trip and thought it was a great experience.

Kirsty and Riona

Canal trip time lapse

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