Amsterdam Day 2

Nemo Science Centre

There were loads of fun, science experiments. The experiments were a variation of different sciences and different categories. Some experiments were about the inside of old cars, to see how it works, others were problem solving. In Nemo there were 5 floors each one more interesting than the last. Nemo is for all ages from tiny kids to teens, even adults enjoy it.


Whirlpool Video

Mirror Video

Electricity Video

Light Video

Pulley Video

Ball Video

Dance Game


Museum Vrolik

It was good, but kinda weird. We walked around the museum slowly looking at all the different things. A lot of the things were 100’s of years old. We saw children/babies that had disabilities or syndromes. You can see the development of brains and other body organs. Mostly everything was real and put in jars with chemicals and you could still see all the different syndrome/disabilities.
Dirka, Riona and Hazel


Tonight we went bowling and it was very very fun. I wasn’t very good at it but Chloe won overall tonight. We had an hour to play and try to win in our groups (myself, Charlotte, daisy and Steven). I didn’t win in my group which was disappointing. But overall I enjoyed it and I think everyone else did as well.



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