Amsterdam Day 1

First view of Amsterdam from the ferry.

Walking tour

Yesterday we went on a walking tour of Amsterdam. It was 2 hours long and by the end everyone was very tired and had sore feet. We learnt a lot about Amsterdam history, it was very interesting. We found out that Amsterdam is very popular for its bikes and canals. In one of the canals was the Flower Market, it smelt very tropical and was full of colours. On the walk the tour guide mentioned things about how Amsterdam is also very well know for the Red Light District. She also mentioned how in little cafes they sell some drugs. Amsterdam has a centre, just like other cities, the centre is called the Dam. All around the dam is lots of shops and we even walked down the main shopping streets. Overall it was really interesting and educational, even though my feet are still sore from all of the walking around it was a really good idea, and a great way to learn your way through Amsterdam.

Dam Square in the sunshine.


Today we were at the Artis zoo and we saw a lot of animals like Elephants, Sea Lions, Gorillas, Meerkats and Penguins etc … And some of us took a lot of photos. I really liked today because we were out with friends with no teachers and seeing the animals. On a normal week day I would just be inside on my phone but today I was out having fun and getting sun and getting fresh air. But it was a lot of walking because we had a 2 hour guided walking tour around the heart of Amsterdam and a bit of its history and then we had to walk around the zoo for 2 hours. After the zoo we went to a place called Micropia which is right beside it and it was very interesting to see what things are made up of and what they are called. It’s just amazing.


Lizard video


Tonight we went swimming there was quite a lot to do at the swimming pool. There was a flume that you had to beat the record time which was 7.2secs. After a very long 2 hour walking hour of Amsterdam and a tour of the zoo I think every one needed a swim to relax us a bit. I think it was really good.



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